Ready Made Pizza Dough

Ready made frozen pizza dough balls for home cooks and professionals

Artisan Pizza Toppings

We are building collaborations with independent UK producers to reduce your food miles and increase your food enjoyment.

Wholesome Food, Brilliantly Easy

Making pizza is probably the most fun you will have had since you were a kid. Oh, and that’s one of our goals – to make it easy for the kids to get cooking too!

And Free Basil On The House!

We know how hard it is to keep herbs fresh and tasty at home. So we give 100g away with every ingredients order – direct from the grower, and unwashed for extra life!

Ready made pizza dough balls  & toppings  for everyone

We often find that the best times are the simplest ones:  Your nearest & dearest gathered round a bonfire toasting marshmallows; a cool beer after mowing the lawn on a summer day; a walk along a wind-swept beach. Or a home-made sourdough pizza that keeps you coming back for more!

We have a specialist range of beautiful, natural pizza dough – including sourdough and gluten free – to enable everyone to enjoy the world’s most popular food without complaint.

And to give budding pizza chefs the tools and the confidence to create special moments of family enjoyment.

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Fast, delivery times to suit your pizza schedule

We deliver across all mainland UK, except the north of Scotland, and can deliver next day on orders placed before noon, and FREE Saturday delivery.

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Highly flexible service - do reach out!

Left it to the last minute? Need help? We are human too, so please call us and one of our friendly team will be very happy to pull a few strings!

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Buy 100% natural ready made pizza dough balls

We have done extensive research and offer only finest pizza dough balls, ready made for you in the UK, using only natural ingredients. Go natural and feel the benefits!

gluten free sourdough

Why we believe in Sourdough

We barely used to eat bread because of digestion issues. The long fermentation time and natural gut benefits of Sourdough has changed all that. We decided to share the good news!

 Our ready made pizza dough makes great pizza without the help of E numbers

Food just as nature intended is far from boring, but rather has a pure and honest fascination. The 4 essential elements of the perfect pizza base couldn’t be much simpler, but get them right and you need nothing more.



Flour is one of the oldest ingredients used by mankind, and today’s huge variety of speciality flours mean there is no need to compromise on quality



The very symbol of purity in nature, we should be ever more thankful for the ready availability we enjoy in these modern times.



The greatest of seasonings and a mineral with powers to heal, preserve and enhance. Salt  provides a little magic in the chemistry of cooking.



Mesmerising us for millenia, able to create comfort or terror alike. Perfect ingredients, seared by flame, is the ultimate in  primeval enjoyment.

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 Keep getting better at  creative ways to use your pizza dough, with our online community of sourdough pizza appassionati.

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