What to do if sourdough is too sticky?

If the dough has over proved, then give it a good dusting of flour and do your best to tuck it back into a neat ball. Allow 30 – 60 minutes for the gluten in the dough to relax again before trying to stretch.

Why is my sourdough dough too sticky?

The most likely reason is that the dough is over-proved. However, you will always need to use a good dusting of flour when working with the dough to prevent your hands from sticking to it.

How do I shape sourdough pizza dough?

If required, our pizza dough balls can be shaped with floured hands, by gently tucking the sides under itself, using both your hands, to create a neat ball. Another method is to gently draw them across a non-floured worktop with a cupped hand and the friction of the...