We make your pizza menu easy, authentic & fast!

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Ease is at the heart of Virtue, simplifying the culinary journey for partners and chefs alike.

 Streamlined processes, user-friendly solutions, and nationwide accessibility make crafting authentic and delicious sourdough pizzas effortless for all.

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We bring genuine, artisanal flavours to the heart of every pizza. 

Our commitment extends to our warm, genuine communication style, fostering a connection with partners who seek a truly authentic pizza experience.

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Our high-performance sourdough pizza dough products ensure swift and efficient pizza crafting without compromising on quality.

From rapid online ordering to nationwide delivery, we prioritise speed, ensuring a fast yet flavourful culinary experience.

Real food. Real people.

From being just a backshed startup in January 2021, Virtue is on an exciting journey!

Investment by Blackdown Growers, Warwickshire’s most established fresh produce grower has enabled us to develop fast into the vibrant, innovative company we are today!

We would be nothing without our people, and owe everything to their daily commitment to being the most helpful team in the world of pizza!

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Megan Saville

Marketing Manager
Our managing director, Simon Calder, shown on site at the farm on the Fosse Way.

Simon Calder


Terri Day

Customer Service Manager
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Rachel Thompson

Executive Assitant & Accounts
Gareth Dixon, our pizza dough expert and blogger

Gareth Dixon

Founder / Creative Director
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Ioana Insuratelu

Technical Manager