About Us

Why we believe sourdough pizza is better for us.

If you have been wondering if sourdough bread really is healthier, or if you can ever enjoy a pizza again without feeling guilty immediately and bloated shortly after, we want to tell you our story.

For many years we avoided eating much bread, due to digestion issues. This was all very well, but pizza happened to be one of the favourite foods, so it always seemed a little unfair! Then, during the  COVID-stricken year of 2020 we began to experiment with homemade breads and pizzas, using sourdough. 

We are a fabulous family business team, having a lot of fun with food.


Blessed with a brilliant family life, we love to share our knowledge of what makes home entertaining easy. Great products mean less stress, more fun and more time with the amazing people that make up our lives.


We have an undisguised passion for cooking (…er and eating) and love to broaden our knowledge. Setting up Virtue has allowed us to take this to the next level, building relationships direct with UK manufacturers, and championing Great British Food for our customers.


Gareth & Annette lead the Northants arm of the RRT volunteer team that provides catering for emergency services and charitable events that support disadvantaged persons.

The Virtue Team

Meet the Virtue Collection… the folks who would love to share all they know about Great British food and fun entertaining with you.

From being just a backshed startup in January 2021, to a vibrant, growing company 6 months later, Virtue is on an exciting journey!


Peter Jones


Simon Calder

Operations Director

Terri Day

Customer Service

Annette Dixon


Gareth Dixon

Creative Director

Will Clark

Quality Control