BBQ Pork Sourdough Pizza Wedges


Mix it up a little when out and about this summer, with this delicious fusion of bbq meat & sourdough pizza! 

We kind of stumbled on this concept over the long Jubiliee bank holiday weekend, when out at a favourite riverside spot for a family feast. 

Keen to make the most of the sunshine and the beginning of the BBQ season, I initially wanted to make some Calzones with BBQ pork, but the little Cozze pizza oven we were using hadn’t got enough head room to allow a traditional Calzone inside safely. Read on to find out how we did it!

BBQ your meat choice

We used pork loin steaks, cooked to just done, then thinly sliced, but you could substitute with your favourite bbq chicken, beef or lamb cuts etc 

Cook your Margherita Sourdough Pizza

Keep it simple and delicious, using premium quality sourdough pizza dough, pizza sauce and cheese. 

Load up with extras

Pile up your salad leaves, and strips of bbq pork on one side of the cooked pizza, and drizzle generously with chilli honey 

Fold, slice and serve

Fold the pizza in half and slice into triangular portions and serve immediately. 

Repeat as often as necessary! You can bet the whole party will come back for several more of these crispy, juicy, insanely tasty wedges of wonder.