Virtue Pro Sourdough Pizza Dough Balls

The very best in sourdough pizza! 

These beautiful pizza dough balls are perfect for big parties or where you have limited chilled storage space, as their slower prove means you can have them at ambient temperatures all day without over proving. (Depending on weather conditions)

With 24 hours of fermentation already under its belt, this dough can cold ferment in a fridge for a further 3 days once thawed, if required.

Higher hydration of 65% gives amazing results and an unsurpassed flavour thanks to the unique mix of flours used – Italian 00 and durum, with added wheatgerm. Wheatgerm is very nutritious and is usually removed from the wheat in the milling process. It is also higher in protein, much lower in salt than our other doughs, and super value for money.

Once proved, it is strong and stretchy making it very easy to use and can be knocked back and re-proved for use on day two to minimise wastage.

The best ready-made pizza dough we have ever used, in any pizza oven or frying pan method.  Check out those crusts!

  • 250g = 12″ approx pizzas (depending on how practised you are at stretching, you may achieve larger than this 🙂 )

Please follow our simple guidelines to get the best from your dough here.




These wonderful dough balls will take away any predjudice you may have had regarding ready made dough! Warning - you may suddenly become very popular overnight with all who eat from your hand.

Your dough balls will arrive semi-frozen and should be transferred to your freezer immediately, or if you are intending to use the next day, simply pop them in the fridge to thaw. This amazing sourdough will happily last up to 12 months in the freezer (we doubt it will stay around that long) and up to 3 days refrigerated.

You do not need a pizza oven to enjoy fabulous pizza with our pizza dough (although it will only improve the results of course!) See how easy it is to turn one of our dough balls into a beautiful airy, neapolitan style pizza, using just a frying pan and your kitchen grill:

Ingredients & allergens

Molino Passini 00 wheat flour, durum wheat, extra virgin olive oil, gluten wheat germ, sourdough, rapeseed oil, sea salt, yeast, water.

May contain traces of soya. Suitable for vegans

Nutritional information (g / 100g):  Fat 3.3, Saturates 0.4, Carbohydrate 44, Sugars 1.2, Fibre 2.9, Protein 10.5, Salt 0.6, Energy (kcal) 251, Energy (kJ) 1060


What are the Benefits of Sourdough Dough for Pizzas?

Because of the fermentation process through which sourdough is made, it becomes easier to digest and also improves the bio-availability of the minerals and fibres contained in the baked product. This is a fancy way to say that because the dough is broken down through the fermentation process, our bodies don't have to do the work, unlocking otherwise locked nutrients for our body! Read our blog on the benefits of sourdough to persons with digestion issues. BBC Goodfood also has a very helpful and article by Nicola Shubrook on the Top 5 Benefits of Sourdough!