The Pancetta & Friends Pizza Kit – feeds 4 persons

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Our Pizza Kits are designed to be on another level altogether!

Each pizza kit has everything you need to make 3 amazing 10-12″ pizzas, either in the frying pan or in a pizza oven, to comfortably feed 4 persons

We are now using our fabulous new Pro Sourdough balls (take a look at those crusts folks) and ready portioned amounts of all the other ingredients you will need to make this as simple as possible, yet seriously delicious – just look at the pictures!

What’s more – if you have friends needing a plant based, or gluten-free diet – you can swop a doughball for Gluten-free, or add Vegan cheese/ Pepperoni at a discount to ensure all are happy!

The Pancetta & Friends pizza kit is the cream of the crop and enables you to make 3 wonderfully fresh and luxurious pizzas. Choose from Pancetta, Coppa or Salami (or all 3 at once!) and then once cooked, pile up the Wild Rocket and Prosciutto and top with that awesome Burrata! 

Check out our video overview below and download our full step-by-step guide & allergen advice here: 

This pizza kit contains:

  1. 3x 250g Virtue Pro Sourdough doughballs (48 hour proved)
  2. 1x 300g Pizza Sauce
  3. 1x 300g Fior di latte mozzarella
  4. 1x 50g Diced Pancetta
  5. 1x 50g Proscuitto Crudo
  6. 1x 50g Coppa
  7. 1x 50g Salami Nostrano
  8. 1x 40g Liquid Tarragon
  9. 1x 10ml Garlic oil
  10. 1x 20g Fresh Rocket
  11. 2x 125g Burrata
  12. 1x 10g Polenta
  13. 1x  Clear instruction leaflet

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Our Pro Sourdough Balls will arrive with you having had 48 hours fermentation already under their belt. You can leave them in the fridge for up to 3 days more, should you wish to and then remove from the fridge around 8 hours before you want to cook.

Please keep the rest of your pizza kit in the fridge until you are ready to cook (up to 3 days).

Check out our video overview below