Refractory Oven Insulation & Render Kit


The insulation and render pack contains everything you need to further insulate your oven and customise the finish of your oven to your own design.

Included in the  pack is:

  • Decorative Archway
  • Insulation Wool (enough to insulate your oven)
  • Insulation Board (enough to cover the footprint of your oven)
  • 3 bags of off-white render mix (achieves 20-30mm thickness)


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Why Insulate?

The benefits of insulating your oven include increasing the heat retention from 5+ hours up to 24+ hours. This opens you up to a whole range of cooking techniques such as overnight cooking and slow roasting that can be achieved in the residual heat of the oven. Another reason customers chose to build their oven in is to fully customise the finish of the oven to their own design preferences. The archway included in the upgrade pack provides you with a ready-to-go decorative finish, whilst the insulation materials ensure great heat retention

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Oven type

Paolo Insulation Kit, Manzo Insulation Kit