Premium Bulk Saver Pizza Kit | 24x Premium 250g doughballs + 2kg Napoli Fior di latte + 6x 400g Pomi pizza sauce

From: £59.00


The most cost-effective way to purchase professional quality pizza making ingredients, giving you restaurant-quality Neapolitan Sourdough pizza from just £2.46 / pizza! 

We have portioned this kit so you can either make all 24 at once, or just cook in batches as required. Standard kit includes 24 doughballs and just the right amount of shredded Fior di latte Mozzarella and rich Pomi Italian Pizza Sauce to suit. You can then glam things up with a few add-ons as you please!

The cheese and dough keep for months frozen and the sauce in your ambient store cupboard, so this is a great way to always have the best quality ingredients to hand.

We have made provision for Gluten Free and Vegan options too, so everyone can enjoy epic pizza!

What's included?

Each kit contains as standard: 24x 250g Premium doughballs; 2kg Napoli cut Fior di latte Mozzarella & 6x 400g Pomi Italian Pizza Sauce

Free Gluten Free Doughball Swop

Look after the gluten free friends too! Swap out a regualar doughball for a gluten free instead


Plant-based alternative to mozzarella, makes up to 10 pizzas and freezes well.

Nduja Piccante - 125g

The seriously hot one! Makes 3-4 pizzas

Trealy Farm Hot Pepperoni 70g

The nation's favourite! Makes 2-3 pizzas

Trealy Farm Spicy Chorizo 70g

Classic Spanish earthy spiced salami. Makes 2-3 pizzas

Trealy Farm Wild Boar & Red Wine Salami 65g

Wonderful British game flavours. Makes 2-3 pizzas

Trealy Farm Fennel Salami 70g

Classic, fresh, Italian style salami. Makes 2-3 pizzas

Trealy Farm Lamb & Lemon Merguez Salami 65g

Brilliant alternative to those who can't eat pork or beef. Makes 2-3 pizzas

Trealy Farm Duck, Pork & Chinese 5-Spice Salami 65g

Oriental wonderment - so good with hoisin drizzle and fresh coriander! Makes 2-3 pizzas

NEW! Hot Star Chilli Honey Drizzle Sauce

Sweet heat, incredible with pepperoni or nduja!

Bill's Garlic Thyme Oil - 500ml

Make easy garlic bread to die for!

Fresh Basil - 100g

You can't have a pizza party without it!

Fresh Wild Rocket - 100g

Garnish up like a pro after cooking!

Fresh Oregano - 100g

THE pizza herb, bar none.

Fresh Coriander - 100g

Enhance the Eastern flavours or lamb or duck!


Additional information

Bundle info

Contains: 24x 250g Premium doughballs, 1x 2kg Fior di latte Mozzarella, 6x 400g Pomi pizza sauce

NEW! Hot Star Chilli Honey Drizzle Sauce


340g Original, 340g Scotch Bonnet