Manzo Stone Pizza Oven

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The Manzo pizza oven is a mid size wood-fired refractory stone oven that comes in modular format for exceptionally easy installation.

Hand-made in England, this oven is perfect those looking to their wood fired cooking to the next level, and is as easy to install as stone pizza ovens get!

  • Assembled and ready to use within 20 minutes when used with the Manzo Stand!
  • 20 minute heat-up time
  • 4 hour heat retention
  • 760mm internal diameter
  • Cooks 2+ pizza at a time in 1-2 minutes!
  • Weight: 300kg
  • Supplied with stainless steel chimney and door as standard – black chimney upgrade available.

If you would like to incorporate this oven as a more permanent feature in your garden, then add an Insulation and Render Kit, giving an increased heat retention of up to 24 hours and allowing you to customise the final surface just as you wish. We can liase with your builder and provide all the necessary technical details right here. 

Refractory Stone Pizza Oven Stand

Refractory Oven Insulation & Render Kit

Upgrade to Black Chimney


Upgrade from standard stainless chimney to classy durable black finish.

What's included?

As standard, the Manzo includes 2x cooking floor bases, a oven dome, a stainless steel door, flue and cap, and a tin of sealer. Alternatively you can upgrade with an insulation kit This supplies you with the materials you need to insulate your oven, this leads to increased heat retention of 24 hours and the insulation to encase your oven in brick or render and stylise it as you wish

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Refractory Stone Pizza Oven Stand

Oven Type

Paolo Stand, Manzo Stand

Refractory Oven Insulation & Render Kit

Oven type

Manzo Insulation Kit