Gluten Free Pizza Dough Balls



We believe this is the best ready-made gluten free pizza dough available right now.

Available in 250g size, for a 10″-12″ pizza and offering a great gluten-free taste and texture.

20% discount is applied to cases of 6, 12 or 24 when you buy in conjunction with a case of sourdough.

We are now offering individual ball option, but these can only be shipping in conjuction with a case of other dough.

Gluten-free dough is trickier to use than regular dough, so please follow our guidance to get the best from your dough here. 



At last! Gluten-free pizza dough balls that produce authentic, crunchy, delicious pizzas! Gluten-free eaters rejoice! To make the most of these allergen-friendly fellows, head to our blog on a super-easy way to make great gluten-free pizza.  Your pizza dough balls will arrive semi-frozen and should be transferred to your freezer immediately, or if you are intending to use them the next day, simply pop them in the fridge to thaw. These little beauties will happily last up to 6 months in the freezer and up to a month refrigerated.

Ingredients & Allergens

INGREDIENTS: Water, rice flour, potato starch, sunflower oil, potato flakes, sugar, yeast, salt, thickeners: (hydroxpropyl, methyl cellulose, locust bean gum) emulsifiers: (mono and diglycerides of fatty acids).

ALLERGEN/ DIETARY ADVICE: It May contain traces of soya. Suitable for Vegetarians, Vegans, Coeliacs & Lactose Intolerant.

NUTRITIONAL ADVICE (per 100g): Energy 1001 (KJ) 238 (Kcal), Protein 2.20g, Carbohydrate 39.0g (of which Sugars 0.00g), Fibre 1.5g

Why Gluten Free Pizza Dough?

Chances are if you found this product, you need not ask! But, some may well ask this that have eaten regular pizza all their life without any effects on their health or well being! However, there are persons that suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. If these persons were to eat regular pizza, they would damage their small intestine. Gluten-free pizza dough allows persons with these health challenges to enjoy this gastronomical delight without risking their health! Learn more about what a gluten-free diet involves from the MAYO Clinic.

There are also those who wish to follow a gluten-free diet for general health benefits such as digestive health and weight loss. Have a read of this in-depth article on the Healthline website for more information.

Additional information

Pack size

1, 6, 12, 24

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