Ready Made Pizza Kits For The Frying Pan Method

If you are just starting out on your home pizza journey and not sure if your have the space or budget for a pizza oven, then let’s take a look at how easy it is to cook great pizza using the normal appliances found in most domestic kitchens.

First up, a simple understanding of the principles of pizza cooking helps to see why the frying method is so good. Pizza needs to be cooked using very high heat from above and below which is why, in a pizza oven, the oven floor temperature as important as the overall air temperature in the oven. It’s the heat from below that kicks the dough into instant action initially, springing up into those magical crusts that we all love so much, cooking the dough before the toppings can make it soggy and sealing off the base for a fantastic crunch to the finished pizza. This is what happens at the first stage of the frying pan method. The high heat from the pan directly on the base of the pizza has a similar effect, and sometimes you’ll get even puffier crusts than in a pizza oven because there is very little heat from above to seal off the dough as it rises.

The next advantage is that because you lay your base in the pan before any toppings go on, there is no chance of it going soggy and sticking to your pizza peel as can happen when transferring a topped pizza into the oven. Plus there is no need for spinning the pizza while cooking, as is required in a pizza oven, so for pizza making beginners, the frying pan method is easier to master.

Then once the pizza goes under the grill the high heat is now coming from above, very similar to the flames that lap over the pizza oven ceiling, melting and caramelising the toppings in seconds for incredible flavours and little chars on the crust.


How to Cook Pizza Using The Frying Pan Method