Making Gluten Free Pizza Using The Frying Pan Method – 5 Easy Steps

1. Heat your grill (broiler) and a non-stick frying pan

First, get your grill (broiler) turned up flat out – ours goes to 280C – and have a non-stick frying pan heating up on the stove top. We experimented with a cast iron pan but found it gave us burnt bottom syndrome, so a normal frying pan with a handle that won’t melt under the hot grill works fine. You want it hot, but not crazy and we found keeping it around 280C worked well.

2. Stretching the dough

While things are heating up, its time to stretch your dough. Gluten free pizza dough is much less elastic than our sourdough version and so needs to be handled and stretched very differently. If you think of it more like pastry and handle it accordingly, you will do just fine.

Before you start stretching, dust your bench with your preferred gluten free flour (we used polenta as we love the crunch it gives to the pizza base.) Then lightly oil your hands and a rolling pin (preferably not wooden) to prevent things sticking to the dough.

Pop your dough ball onto the dusted base and start to flatten into a small disc.

photo 8223468671967482954 edited scaled

 Image Above: Virtue Gluten Free Dough Ball on bed of polenta

Working carefully and ensuring that the dough is not sticking to the work surface begin to enlarge the disc until it is around 9 or 10″ diameter.

Then using the oiled rolling pin, carefully wrap your pizza base around the rolling pin and suspend it between two upturned glasses (or similar) to hold it off the bench.

20210130 151359 2 edited scaled

Wrap your gluten free pizza base round an oiled rolling pin ready to move to the frying pan.

3. Assemble your toppings

For this recipe, we did a twist on the classic margherita recipe – tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil – by adding a few dabs of home-made pesto. It’s important to have your toppings ready to go so you aren’t scrambling around once your dough is in the pan.

4. Fry your base

Assuming your dry frying pan is hot and ready to go, dust the pan with polenta and then carefully transfer your dough and unroll it swiftly into the pan. Give it a quick shake to centralise if required and then start working quickly to add the sauce and other toppings to your pizza.

Keep an eye on the base by lifting the edge with a spatula occasionally and when the base starts to show little dark specks and the toppings are beginning to melt down, move the pan under the hot grill to finish the cook.

5. Grill to finish!

Again, keep an eye on the grill as it will cook fast! Once you see the crust browning off and the cheese bubbly and golden, your gluten free pizza is ready!

Transfer to a plate, garnish with a few basil leaves and a drizzle of olive oil and serve immediately.

Note the happy gluten free faces around your table 🙂